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கொல்லாமை மேல்கொண்டு ஒழுகுவான் வாழ்நாள்மேல் செல்லாது உயிருண்ணும் கூற்று


Dear Parent,

We at Manuelmony are striving to deliver the academic curriculum coupled with a value based system to ensure all round development of the students in our care. We request you to co-operate with us in this regard. A list of rules to be followed by students is given below :

1. Students must be punctual to school. If the students is not punctual to school, he / she will be warned. After three warnings, the parent will be called for.

2. Leave taking is strictly discouraged. In case of leave availed by students, the leave letter must be submitted the next day.

3. Students must come to school in proper uniform / shoes as specified in the school diary. Boys neatly tuck – in the shirt inside the campus.

4. Students are not permitted to bring an y kind or Electronic gadget to school. If any student is found having any such gadget, it will be confiscated by the school authorities and will not be returned to the student.

5. Stringent action will also be initiated against students who bring CD’s /Magazines or any other kind of objectionable material to school.

6. Students are expected to be present in the classroom before the teacher enters. He / She is expected to be attentive in the class and not cause any kind of disturbance to the teachers / fellow students. If repeated complaints are received in this regard, action will be taken as per the advice of he disciplinary committee of the school.

7. If students are involved in damaging school property, they will be asked to pay for the same according to the extent of damage caused.

8. Teasing / Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside and outside the school premises.

9. The exam schedule will be posted on the web site for the benefit of students and parents.

10. The answer scripts pertaining to the exams will be evaluated and distributed to students within 10 days of completion of the exam schedule. Parents can contact the school if they have any doubt / query regarding the performance of their wards.

11. Parents who wish to meet the teachers regarding any issue are free to approach the school on any working day (Monday – Friday) between 3.20p.m – 4.00p.m.

12. If a parent wishes to meet the Principal, he / she may do so with prior appointment unless in case of emergency.

13. Parents are requested to monitor that their wards do not drive two wheeler / four wheeler to school.

14. If the school organizes any special class / coaching class for games etc. prior intimation will be given to the students.

15. Parents must make sure that their wards leave the school on time and reach Home at the earliest. Students are not encouraged to come to school before 8.30 a.m. in the morning unless they have a special class.

16. The school will not take responsibility for loss of cash / Jewellery etc. brought by students to school.

17. Parents are requested to supervise the interaction of their wards on Social Networking sites in the interest of the safety of their wards.

18. Record work for students will be given based on specific time schedules facilitating adequate time for the students to prepare for their exams. Students must stick on to the schedules and complete the records on time.

19. The students must attempt all the Unit / Terminal Exams for the Theory and Practical sessions. If a student is absent he / she will not be allowed to appear for the exam later. Intimation regarding students being absent for the exam must be given in the school office in the morning of the day of the examination.

20. Photo attestation by the Principal will be done only if the student is in school uniform.

21. Parents are requested to instruct their wards and make sure that they carry all the necessary belongings to school (Books / Stationery / Lunch / Snacks / Water Bottles / Lab coat / Records / Project work materials) It is becoming a difficult task to depute staff to deliver the items to the respective students every now and then. Keep luch box and school bag separately avoid plastic containers.

22. Kindly note that the students can be sent home only at 12.40 p.m in case the student is availing ½ a day leave. Students will not be allowed after 1/2 an hour after the commencement of exam. Attendance cannot be given if the student is not present in the school for the respective session.

23. Keeping the safety of students in mind the school has initiated some measures. We request all the parents to co-operate with us in this regard. Kindly pick up the students at the correct time. L.K.G 2.40 p.m U.K.G. 3.00 p.m I to V Std 3.30 p.m. VI to VIII Std 4.00 p.m. IX to XII Std 4.10 p.m.

24. In case of students going home by private autos, they must intimate the office in the regular auto driver does not report in school for pick up. They are strictly advised against hiring an auto on their own and travelling home without intimating the parent and school authorities. During such times the school will make suitable arrangements to send the students home after consulting the parent.

25. Pay the school fees at the correct time.

26. If any parent does not turn up to pick up his / her ward, the student must report to school office and must not attempt to make his / her own arrangement to reach home.

27. Kindly provide the correct contact number which is in use. Do not keep the mobiles switched off


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